What are MAPP3D models?

MAPP3D models represent the beauty of cityscapes in the form of durable, modular panels. 3D-printed from accurate aerial data at a scale of 1:5000, they show topographical and architectural detail down to a 1 metre resolution. Our individual modular panels are ten centimetres square, and are made to neatly accompany other adjacent panels. Larger bespoke areas are also available. Displayed on their own or mounted in our solid wood frames, they can be hung on a wall or placed on a table or desk. 

What are they made from?

Models are printed in a premium, durable white thermoplastic that has a ceramic appearance and feel. It is completely renewable as it is derived from plants, and is non-toxic. The material is resistant to temperature, humidity and UV exposure, so is perfect for displaying around your home or office.

How are they made?

We use aerial data acquired by a plane fitted with a laser scanning system which captures topographical detail. It does this by measuring the time between a laser pulse being emitted, reflected from a surface and received at a detector. While being very accurate, this raw data can be noisy due to anything that disrupts the laser, such as water or glass.

This raw data is cleaned and processed into 3D geometry using software, and then manually sculpted to emphasise certain features while retaining the accuracy of the underlying data. Once the 3D geometry is cleaned and refined, it is printed layer by layer on our cutting-edge 3D printers. Each 10x10cm panel can take up to four hours to print, so the process has to be continually monitored to ensure the quality of the finished product.

How much is delivery?

Any orders over £50 are delivered free of charge. Lead times to delivery are currently 7 days due to the fact we are a small startup company printing panels to customer demand. Purchases below £50 (single unframed modular panels) have a £3.50 delivery charge.

Can you print other sizes?

10x10cm panels are our default modular size, which we chose to enable a relatively low price point for individual panels. We can however print four panels as one 20x20cm piece, to give fewer join lines. Please contact us to request this as an option.

What about other colours and lighting?

White panels give excellent shadows and thus contrast of topological detail, however we can print in a wide range of other colours and finishes. Metallic finishes are also possible, to give a more industrial look. As the panels are partially hollow, they can also be back-lit (as shown in the image below) to give a dramatic appearance perfect for exhibition or display.